Compassion It

Compassion It



Inspire peace and global connection.

Compassion It is a nonprofit organization and global movement whose mission is to inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes. Through educational programs and tangible tools, they are empowering individuals to make compassion a priority in their everyday lives.

We were honored and excited when Compassion It entrusted us with the challenge of refreshing the brand and redesigning their website. Through striking photography, clean design, and concise messaging, our efforts increased sales, user engagement and ambassadorship.

- Content Strategy
- Brand Development
- Website Design
- eCommerce

- Community
- Education & Advocacy
- Global Peace

- Dana Holliday



"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dana on creating a website that perfectly reflects our organization. Her communication style is clear, and I am amazed at her ability to quickly turn ideas into reality. Dana followed up often and skillfully guided me through this intimidating process of creating a website. I love our new website!"



Project Goals

- Simplify website content and messaging
- Design user flow for easy navigation
- Create a clear call to action
- Educate, inform and inspire compassion

- Sell wristbands and courses
- Get subscribers to monthly advocate program
- Collect email addresses
- Appeal to milennials and young professionals


Building a Library of Powerful Imagery

Building a Library of Powerful Imagery

Powerful visuals amplify storytelling and communicate impact and emotion. In the absence of existing assets, we were creative in sourcing authentic images that would demonstrate brand values. Through outreach with past customers we were able to obtain photos of wristbands in action. Additionally, we identified stock photography that was vibrant, powerful, and appealed to the target audience. As long-term strategies to continue building this library of visuals, we connected with online influencers and added social media integration on site to encourage user-generated content.


Simplifying User Experience

The old website had an overwhelming amount of information, which was confusing to visitors. The mission of the organization was unclear and goal of the website was unsuccessful. Visitors would bounce without a clear understanding of products and programs. The first step in this project was to reduce clutter, making room for crucial information to stand out. We simplified the homepage with a mission banner to immediately identify the goal of the company. Below were 3 sections, each leading to primary website goals. By simplifying the main navigation, we were able to direct users to desired pages. Using less is more, we were able to create hierarchy within content and guide users through the intended website experience.


Increase Sales, Amplify Impact

Integral to Compassion It’s online success is their reversible wristband sales. These wristbands are a unique visual reminder to “compassion it” everyday. Previously buried and hard to find, our goal was to make sure the wristbands were highlighted throughout the website and easy to purchase. By re-designing the user flow on the homepage and re-building the product page, we are able to increase visibility to and conversions on the product page. Necessary product details stand out, user reviews serve as a tool for social proof, and an Instagram widget showcasing user generated posts encourages social engagement. We implemented a monthly subscription program for customers interested in the wristbands plus ongoing compassion communications, tools, and content.


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